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Playground Shade Canopies

Playground Shade Canopy

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Design and placement

Our twenty-nine year history as professional playscape designers gives us the ability to specialize in playground shade structures. Improper placement, dimensions and eave height will result in leaving much of the needed area in direct sunlight at the times the playground is in use. Our careful planning avoids these costly mistakes.


We carefully CAD integrate the playscape plan with the canopy design, ensuring the correct use zones and overhead clearances. This important factor is often overlooked.


As with most products, there is a wide variation in quality: in the specifications, the manufacturing quality control, and in the final on-site installation. We have an unequaled reputation in the industry for the quality of our structures.


Our engineers are the finest in the industry, and each structure is custom designed and engineered to assure proper wind load strength. We are glad to provide PSE engineering certification and sealed drawings if needed.

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