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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How much will my playscape cost?

Equipment :
The cost of the play equipment will depend on the options you choose. Unlike most brands Playwood does not price by “model”, because this does not allow you to control the size and selection of the items resulting in your final design. Our customers who have shopped before coming to us are commenting that we are very price competitive.

Many dealers offer “free” installation. Two problems here: nothing in life is free (they are just rolling the installation cost into the equipment cost), and play sets should not be installed on unlevel ground (some site work may be needed).

There is a very high risk of serious injury to children on play equipment installed without providing safety cushioning material where the kids may fall or jump (i.e. out of swings). This material must be bordered to contain the proper depth of material, and the border must be level. This usually means some site work. This cost will depend on the size of the playscape you choose and the amount of site work needed to level.
The only way to determine the total cost of a safely installed play set is to choose the options and design, determine the location on site and the grade of that space, and then calculate the cost.

Q: How much space do I need?

To prevent serious injury from falls we must provide the cushioning material where the kids may fall or jump. This is called the “fall zone” and is determined by the design of the play set. Playwood is the only totally custom builder in Central Texas, allowing us to custom fit our equipment to difficult spaces safely.

Q: How long can I expect the equipment to last?

The biggest factors determining the life span of outdoor wood is species, grade and “ground contact”. Of these the most critical is ground contact. Neither redwood nor cedar are allowed in construction in contact with soil under the building code, as they will suffer extreme decay and/or termite infestation within five years. All deck builders use concrete blocks under redwood and cedar posts. No fence companies will use redwood or cedar for the fence posts.

Due to our unique footing system, Playwood has the only play equipment made of wood that has no ground contact. We also use only FOHC hand selected timbers for maximum resistance to cracking and splintering.

Q: There are a lot of dealers out there, what sets your company apart?

Our reputation. Over thirty-eight years under the same ownership and management, with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Unequalled quality, design and construction. And with more safety features than any in the industry.

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