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The Design Process…

Custom Modular Design

Custom Design

At Playwood, each play environment is custom designed. Considerations are the ages and physical limitations of the children, their preferences, the space available and budget.
You then select the appropriate play activities, providing for the current needs of the children, as well as potential future expansion as they are ready for greater challenges. This also results in backyard playsets with more lasting interest.

The Proposal

The site is analyzed, and a detailed computer aided design (CAD) plan is created to fit the available space safely. We then prepare a proposal including the plan, specifications, and component pricing.

This allows us to work with you in developing a playscape that is safe, age appropriate for the children, and within budget.

Playscape Components

One of the important purposes of a playscape project is to encourage balanced physical activity and development. A well designed play environment should offer a wide variety of play events suitable to the ages, abilities and preferences of the children. Our design approach provides these opportunities.


We have a large selection of components and play options that are safe and durable.

Give us a call and let’s get started on your project !

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