Playsets and Child Development

Access to an outdoor playset helps children learn that exercise is fun! Who doesn’t want their child to have a healthy relationship with their body and their physical abilities? Playsets are the cornerstone of this sense of confidence and ability that will help your child become a success throughout the rest of their lives.

A child’s coordination skills start to develop as soon as they are able to move. With access to an outdoor playset, your child’s physical and mental development can be stimulated and enhanced in a way that happens naturally as they explore the playset. Physical activity is fun for children when they are playing on an outdoor playset and allows them to simultaneously get exercise while honing their motor skills, coordination, and balance. These skills are important to practice in early development while neurological plasticity is high and no patterns in the brain have yet been firmly set.

Traditional playset staples like monkey bars and a rock wall can greatly enhance your child’s development of strength and hand-eye coordination. They will also stimulate bi-lateral coordination, the ability to use both sides of the body together during exercise. The seemingly simple act of climbing up and down a slide helps develop hand-eye coordination as well as spatial orientation and depth perception. This happens when the child is looking at the next step to land on going up or down, and helps them build confidence in their ability to control their bodies.

Successfully getting all the way across the monkey bars or climbing to the top of the rock wall will not only build coordination and confidence, it will also importantly build a healthy sense of self-esteem. Regular play on an outdoor playset is a great way help your child develop lifelong physical skills that can translate to success in sports, dance, and music as well as practical skills like riding a bicycle or eventually driving a car.